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  • May 8-9 & May 14-15: 6:00 - 9:00pm - Confidence in the Kitchen with Rachelle Girardin

May 8-9 & May 14-15: 6:00 - 9:00pm - Confidence in the Kitchen with Rachelle Girardin




Event Details:

Hang on folks! This isn’t your average cooking class.

This is a full immersion, hands-on experience, taking you from beginner to advanced holistic cook.

Rachelle Girardin is a Holistic Nutritionist, Meal Planning Expert, and happens to be an MASTER at making healthy food taste delicious in a quick and efficient way. Because let’s get real, who doesn’t want to spend LESS time in the kitchen?

This class is all about the ease of learning to cook holistically, while tying in the how-to's of gaining the most nutrient density from your food. You will learn nutrition and culinary skills, not just new recipes.

Here’s just a taste of the wealth of information you will learn in this program:

Pairing black pepper or a heathy fat with turmeric is the best way to reap its benefits.
Letting garlic rest for 10 minutes before adding it to heat to gain the most allicin content.
Adding coconut oil to white rice to lower its impact on you insulin levels, letting it cook and cool to create resistant starch to feed healthy bacteria.
For maximum results, we encourage you to sign up for Level 1 and 2. Each level is 6 hours long and spans over 2 days (3 hours each day). Total program length of 12 hours for both levels.
Solo Program Investment: $299 
Level 1 and 2 Investment: $499 
Level 1 total length: 6 hours (over 2 days)
Level 2 total length: 6 hours (over 2 days)
Gluten, Dairy and Sugar-Free 
Vegan Friendly 

Level 1: May 8-9
Knife Skills
Healthy Kitchen Guide to Equipment and Pantry
Seasoning like a Pro
How to Create Balance and Depth of Flavour; changing boring recipes into something extraordinary 
    Nut Milk 
    Morning Power Elixirs
    Pumpkin Seed Dip
    Kale ‘Caeser' Salad with “Parmesan” Crumble
    Miso Chicken Noodle Soup 
    Raw “Cheesecakes” 
      Level 2: May 14-15
      Intuitive Cooking 101; learn to cut corners confidently  
      Efficient Meal Planning and Preparation; It’s all about the formula.
      The Art of Recipe Stacking, saving you hours in the kitchen a week! 
        Anti-Inflamatory Golden Milk
        Chia Pudding - 2 ways! 
        Artichoke Cashew Dip 
        Asian Lettuce Wraps
        Peanut Sauce
        “Twix” Bars 

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