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 Are all of your products organic?

Everything that goes into your meal is certified organic with the exception of produce that comes from Sole Food Farms. The produce that comes from these farms is grown with strict organic standards. If you have never been to Sole Food Farms we suggest you check it out for yourself as well as any other farms you would consider buying from. All other farms we obtain produce from are certified organic. In addition all of the dry goods used including spices, pastes, seeds, nuts, condiments, oils, and vinegars are also certified organic.  

Do you delivery outside of the downtown core, Fairview and Kits?

We will consider alternative delivery destinations, depending on the frequency and number of meals. Please contact us with your request.   

Do you include nutritional information?

No we will not be providing nutritional information. Our menu changes often because we use only seasonal ingredients that it would come at a very high cost to constantly be getting our food tested for nutritional value. We will disclose all ingredients (not the recipes) so that you know what you are getting.  



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