Are you looking for a Health & Wellness program for your company or organization?

The success of any company depends on the quality of their people, and the relationships between those people and their management.  The health and wellness of your employees has long-term, lasting effects on your bottom line due to attrition, inability to attract the best talent, absenteeism, lagging productivity throughout the day, and long term health issues.  More than ever, employees look for companies that embrace health and wellness initiatives.

Supporting a lunch program for your employees that offers them healthy, organic lunches produced and delivered by Nourish Vancouver, is an excellent step toward becoming a company that is socially and environmentally responsible.  Supporting your employees health through our lunch program and making a commitment to the sustainability of the environment means your employees will be healthier, and perform better for you - a great way to create lasting and nourishing relationships with them.  Nourish helps you achieve this through healthy, energizing lunch options made convenient for your employees through delivery directly to your place of business.  Eat better, work better.

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