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nourish organic salad


Our food philosophy is inspired by Michael Pollan’s
Eater’s Manifesto: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” We add our own flair, but always keep these seven, very important words at the heart in everything we do.

Great tasting food, made with delicious whole ingredients

We’re not about calorie counts, claims or labels on the food. We’re focused on using whole ingredients to make creative combinations of flavours using influences from around the world.  

100% organic, for our health and our planet

Our ingredients are nourished by organic matter rather than synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We support organic farming practices, because we care about maintaining soil health and don’t want the farmers or our community to be exposed to harmful toxins.

Plant-based approach

Vegetables take center stage around here. Our plant-based menu is always vegan to start, with the option of adding protein.

Taste the seasons, support local farms

Eating locally, is eating seasonally. That means it’s regular practice for us to swap ingredients in our recipes to adjust for what’s available in the moment. We love how seasonal eating challenges us to continuously innovate our dishes to highlight BC’s seasonal harvest. It also feels very empowering to know that every dollar we spend can go towards sustaining and growing the local food economy.


The backbone of great food is great ingredients. We couldn’t do what we do, if it weren’t for these farmers who dedicate their heart and labor to producing the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. We’re proud to source 100% organic, local produce grown in the good soil of our backyard of British Columbia (with the exception of fresh, organic citrus used in our dressings). Here are our farmer friends:

Cropthorne Farm 
Located on Westham Island, Cropthorne is an organic family farm run by two sisters. From fifteen acres they produce beautiful produce, eggs, and seasonal flowers to be sold at farmers markets around the Lower Mainland. 

Fresh Roots  
Founded in 2009, Fresh Roots Farms transforms underutilized urban plots into beautiful gardens and farms. In 2013 Fresh Roots worked with the Vancouver School Board to develop Schoolyard-Market Gardens. This program creates commercially productive educational farms on school grounds in the city.

Shalefield Organic Gardens 
Just passed Cultus Lake, in Columbia Valley, Brian operates nine acres of land. Shalefield operates based on biodynamic organic standards, the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement. 

Sole Food Street Farms
Sole Food transforms vacant plots of land within Vancouver into spaces of agricultural and social growth. Their mission is to provide employment for members of the Downtown Eastside and grow artisan quality produce. 

UBC Farms 
Located at UBC, this farm produces amazing organic food, while allowing future farmers to learn and further their agricultural knowledge. They engage with the communities around them to harness a sustainable growing city. Check out their events

Other Organic Ingredients

  • Food Pedalers - Microgreens
  • Amano (Burnaby, BC) – Miso, Tamari
  • Maison Orphée (Quebec City, Quebec) – Oils, Vinegars, Mustards  
  • Nuts to You Nut Butter (Paris, Ontario) – Almond Butter, Tahini
  • Uncle Luke’s (Granby, Quebec) – Maple Syrup

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