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Our food philosophy is inspired by Michael Pollan’s
Eater’s Manifesto: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.” We add our own flair, but always keep these seven, very important words at the heart in everything we do.

Great tasting food, made with delicious whole ingredients

We’re not about calorie counts, claims or labels on the food. We’re focused on using whole ingredients to make creative combinations of flavours using influences from around the world.  

 Mostly organic, for our health and our planet

Our ingredients are nourished by organic matter rather than synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. We support organic farming practices, because we care about maintaining soil health and don’t want the farmers or our community to be exposed to harmful toxins.

Plant-based approach

Vegetables take center stage around here. Our plant-based menu is always vegan to start, with the option of adding protein.

Taste the seasons, support local farms

Eating locally, is eating seasonally. That means it’s regular practice for us to swap ingredients in our recipes to adjust for what’s available in the moment. We love how seasonal eating challenges us to continuously innovate our dishes to highlight BC’s seasonal harvest. It also feels very empowering to know that every dollar we spend can go towards sustaining and growing the local food economy.

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