Fried Garlic Chips are life changing | Dill and Lemon Chard Pasta Recipe

Posted: Jun 30 2020

Garlic chips are life changing. They are so tasty and don’t take a lot of time, but they do take some attention to detail.

Crunchiness is key, so timing is essential. Overcooking will turn the garlic bitter and hard. Undercooking them will leave them limp and you will miss out on the sweet caramelized flavour. These sweet, salty treats will pump up any meal but are amazing in this pasta.

This chard pasta with dill and lemon is an easy “go to meal” for us and a perfect weeknight meal. So easy, quick and delicious.

Chard is a superfood and we love it. If you haven’t had it before it's about time you start adding it to your ingredient list. Just a small serving of cooked Swiss chard covers your daily need for vitamins A and K and nearly fulfills the recommended daily intake for vitamin C. Swiss chard is a good source of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and vitamin E. Dark leafy greens is something that everyone needs more of.

Quick warning: Chard comes in different coloured stalks. We prefer rainbow chard not only because it is pretty but also because we prefer to cook with the assorted colour stalks. All types of chard are great but the red chard stems can bleed and will likely turn your pasta pink. Pink noodles can be fun with kids but if you are not keen on pink noodles, we recommend using rainbow chard (a few pink stems are usually fine) or if you can only can get red chard, we recommend not adding the red stems. 

As always adding other vegetables is also a necessity for any Nourish Recipe and today we have added some green beans. Baby dill is one of our families favourite herbs and we always like a hit of acid (non-hallucinating type) that we get from lemons and the capers.

Although we love parmesan cheese, this Minimalist Baker vegan parmesan recipe has really stepped up our pasta game and makes this pasta fully vegan. It is so good, the girls will eat it by the spoonful and it is also amazing on popcorn!


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serves 4
cook time - 30 minutes



2 bunches rainbow chard (see note above)
200g green beans
2 tbsp grapeseed or sunflower oil
4-6 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
2 whole lemon
1 bunch (28g) dill, chopped
400g fusilli pasta or any bite size pasta
20g parmesan cheese, or vegan parmesan
2 tbsp capers (optional)
black pepper
red chili flakes (optional)


Boil a big pot of water and season with a large pinch of salt.

Wash the chard. Separate the stems from the leaves. Trim the bottom of the stems and then cut them into 1cm pieces. Cut the leaves into strips about 4 cm x 6 cm.

Wash and trim the green beans and cut into 4 cm pieces.

Peel and slice the 4-6 cloves of garlic. De-stem the dill and chop the leaves.

Add pasta into the boiling water and set your timer for 3 minutes less than the package instructions. Stir regularly.

Heat a large sized pot on medium. Add 2 tbsp of vegetable oil. Test to make sure the oil is hot by adding one garlic slice. Wait to add the rest until it is sizzling. Line a small bowl with paper towel. Have a fine mesh spoon or fork ready to remove the garlic. Fry the garlic until lightly brown, about 3 minutes. Do not burn the garlic. Remove as soon as it is light brown and place on paper towel. Salt liberally.

Once the garlic is removed, add the chard stems, stirring regularly, for approx. 3 minutes. If using chili flakes, add 1 tbsp. You can also add at the end for various spice preferences.

Once the timer for the pasta is up, add the green beans. Then add the chard leaves to the pot with chard stems and cover. Then set the timer for 3 minutes.

Rinse, and roll the two lemons, then zest the lemon and cut in half. Then set aside.

Once timer goes off, drain the noodles and beans and put back into the pot. Then add the chard leaves to the pot of pasta. Season with 1 tsp of salt and fresh ground pepper, lemon zest and the juice of 2 lemons.

Mix well and place in 4 bowls. Garnish with capers, dill, grated parmesan or vegan parmesan cheese and chili flakes if using. Adjust lemon & salt at the table if needed.


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